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Thread: Future co-pilot improvements

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    Default Future co-pilot improvements

    It took a little while to learn the quirks and limitations of the copilot in Aerofly 2 on ios. I wonder if in the future, we can have traditional autopilot controls (like LNAV, Approach mode, etc.) The copilot will fly the plane into a mountain because it's so eager to descend to 2000 above the runway too early. Also when I stay higher arriving to an airport, then go back to the "route" as flown by the copilot, the plane goes into a 30-40 degree climb, instead of capturing the glideslope.

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    So there's away to control descent by autopilot, I was just doing it manually!

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    The copilot remote controlles the autopilot. It can make the autopilot fly the route, climb and descent automatically. The autopilot on its own needs pilots inputs to know what to do.

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