Experience flight simulation in perfection! You will be impressed by the awesome 
flight physics and the gorgeous graphics. Jump into the cockpit and enjoy
roaming the skies above the wonderful country of Switzerland with its fantastic

Extremely detailed aircraft with accurately simulated flight physics

Realistic environment with a resolution down to 3 feet

Adjustable wind, view, clouds and thermals

Fly with joystick, game pad, mouse or keyboard
aerofly RC 7 is our newest radio-controlled flight simulator with support
for many rc-models and fantastic sceneries. It features one of the best
flight dynamics.

Choose from over 200 models and over 50 sceneries

Quadrocopters, electric and gas powered airplanes, helicopters, gliders,
   jets, and scale models

All models are freely scalable
Stunning dynamics simulation for a realistic flight feeling

Suitable for many R/C transmitter and joysticks
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