Thank you for your interest in IKARUS. The IKARUS headquarters are located in
the glorious natural settings of the Black Forest outskirts in the romantic town of
Schramberg/Waldmoessingen - half way between Stuttgart and Lake Constance
in Germany.

The Man behind IKARUS

Founder and owner, Norbert Gruentjens, started the IKARUS RC Flight School in 1977. By 2008 more
than 5000 students had learned how to handle and fly RC fixed wing aircraft and helicopters.
The extensive trophy collection of the company founder includes such prestigious awards as
• German Champion in RC-Helicopter (Pattern) Aerobatics (F3C),
• German Champion in RC-Airplane (Pattern) Aerobatics (F3A) and
• Winner of the Unlimited Class in the AT6-Silver-Class-Race in Madara/USA

Corporate philosophy

Innovation, customer friendliness and service will continue to be at the top of our  corporate
philosophy. Visit us at one of the numerous trade fairs.

IPACS - From the idea to a computer program

Already during their high-school time did Torsten Hans and Marc Borchers develop their skills in
computer programming and physics. While studying physics at the university of Tübingen, they decided
to turn their hobby into a living with the company IPACS. They used their physics studies and the
following doctoral degree to use their knowledge of physics and computer programming to create state of
the art flight simulators.
History - Evolution - Development

1977 - IKARUS is founded
Norbert Grüntjens starts the IKARUS Flight School and develops his unique training concept.

1986 - German Champion F3A
Norbert Grüntjens wins the German Championship in the category Fixed Wing Pattern RC

1988 - German Champion F3C
Norbert Gruentjes becomes German Champion in the two most prestigious categories: Now in the RC Helicopter category F3C as well.

1993 - Eco 8
Beginning of the development of the ECO line of electric helicopters. In 1994 the first German electric helicopter for the 8-cell class, the ECO 8, is
introduced . To date, more than 10 different types have been developed and constantly improved. The ECO helicopter successfully plowed the road for the
worldwide recognition of electric helicopters.

1996 - Duration flight world record
On August 17, 1996 Norbert Grüntjens establishes with his ECO 8 a new World Record in RC Helicopter Duration Flight with 63 minutes and 29 seconds.

1998 - Slowflyer/Parkflyer
With the introduction of the Ikarus Bleriot, Rumpler Taube and Demoiselle models the company launches slow and park flyers as the first RC company.
These models create the foundation for an entirely new category, thus enriching RC model aviation worldwide.

1998 - Flight Simulation
Since 1998 IKARUS developes flight simulators in cooperation with IPACS. To date, IKARUS flight simulators have provided invaluable help to countless
pilots in learning to fly RC model aircraft.

1999 - Eco Piccolo
IKARUS introduces in 1999 the smallest indoor RC helicopter, the ECO Piccolo. Again IKARUS is the birthplace of a new RC model aircraft category, the
Mini-Electric-Helicopter class, a class that is here to stay.

2001 - Indoor Duration Flight World Record for electric helicopters
On November 3, 2001 at the Killesberg Exhibition Centre in Stuttgart the ECO Piccolo sets a new world record in duration flight for indoor RC model
helicopters under 300 g: 35 minutes and 31 seconds!

2003 - Shock Flyer
Again IKARUS is the forerunner for a new RC model aircraft category with the development of the models Superstar, Extrema and Edge. "Shock Flyer®” is
a registered trademark of IKARUS.

2003 - Piccolo V2
The second generation of the ECO Piccolo helicopter is released, known as Piccolo V2.
Numerous enhancements improve the flight characteristics.

2004 - ECO 7
A new generation of Ready-to-Fly electric RC helicopters is developed by setting new standards in helicopter mechanics, rotor head design, material,
onboard electronics and user friendliness.

2004 and 2005 - New Shock Flyers
The tremendous popularity of our Shock Flyers® encourages IKARUS to introduce a second series: YAK54, F3A, Nemesis, SU27, SU27 XXL, Cessna
152, Twin Otter and Pitts.

2005 - 3D-Electric RC Helicopters
The two helicopters Viper 70 and Viper 90 with rotor diameters of 75 and 90 cm are developed for indoor and outdoor flying. Their strength is in all out 3D

2005 - ECO 7 SPORT
Based on the ECO 7 semi scale helicopter a ready-to-fly pod-and-boom helicopter is developed, called ECO 7 Sport, which is exceptionally easy to handle
and fly.

2003 - aerofly Professional
This is a true milestone in the development of RC flight simulators. The high resolution and photo realistic sceneries include new features such as a Multi-
Pano-View, which is allowing to view the photo realistic sceneries under different perspectives.

2005 - Wizard Hydroplane
Fly - drive - float. The Wizard Hydroplane opens up a whole new flying fun. It runs on water, can even take off from there and feels comfortable on snow,

2006 - ECO 8 Royal
With a new design, new rotor head, even more robust mechanics and designed for LiPo cells the ECO 8 Royal is a worthy successor to the legendary
ECO 8.

2006 - easyFly 2
Based on the technology of its bigger brother AeroFly Professional Deluxe IPACS presents its new easyFly Version 2. It features the great physics and
graphics like AeroFly and is targetted for the casual RC pilot.

2009 - aerofly5
With a big development budget and big team IKARUS and IPACS present the new aerofly5. aerofly5 sets new standard in graphical quality and extremlz
realistic flight physics.

2010 - aerofly5.5
aerofly5.5 is an update to aerofly5. It features many new models and sceneries. Even True-Scale models are included.

2011- aerofly5.7
aerofly5.7 improves even further the successfull aerofly5. 33 new models and new photo sceneries with improved quality offer a stunning visual quality.

2011 - aerofly FS
After over 4 years of development, IPACS releases the new aerofly FS flight simulator, a hit from the Start! Never before seen was the visual quality and the
physical simulation

Der neue Flugsimulator aerofly FS sorgt vom Start weg für Furore. Noch nie gab es einen Flugsimulator mit einer so perfekten Flugphysik in Verbindung
mit einer so aufwändigen Grafik! Nach über zwei Jahren Entwicklungszeit ist die Sensation perfekt. IKARUS hat einen Flugsimulator für Großflugzeuge

2014 - aerofly RC 7
Our latest radio controlled flight simulator aerofly RC 7 now features over 200 models and over 50 sceneries. Virtually all aspects of radio controlled models
are covered by our newest RC simulator.

About us

On this page the companies IPACS and IKARUS would like to introduce themselves, so that you will learn about the people behind the aerofly flight

Since 1998 the companies IPACS, located in Tübingen just south of Stuttgart and IKARUS Modellsport, located in Schramberg-Waldmössingen in the black
forest, are developing high quality flight simulators in close cooperation. The newest developments, aeroflyFS and aerofly RC 7, are the result of many years
of development work.
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