Free Stuff

Thanks to many enthusiastic AeroFly users, you can download a huge selection of free models and sceneries. We will rework these websites soon for even more information on how to get free models and sceneries for AeroFly. For now please visit the following websites for some of the greatest creations for our simulator:

  • IPACS-SIM.COM: On you will find some of the best free user models available on the Net. Many of the models you find there are designed by people that are mentioned with their website on this page. is constantly updated. In the future this website will also feature manuals and workshops on how to built your own models and sceneries for AeroFly.
  • Arthur Schoenknecht: If you are looking for something real special, visit the website of Arthur Schoenknecht at He is building some of the most fantastic models for AeroFy.
  • Dr.Karl-Heinz Roeder: Another great site ( for superb models. Karl-Heinz also has a workshop online that gives you a good introduction on how to build your own models.
  • Rainer Stein: Rainer’s website at has some great tools that help you create or modify your own models and sceneries.
  • Jojo’s website: The models on Jojo’s site at are really great. The website is in german only, but you should have no difficulty in getting the models.
  • Dietmar Kühn: Dietmar builds some of the most fascinating models for AeroFly. His website at is very well structured. Be aware, some of the models are for AeroFly Pro and not the Deluxe version. However with some minor adjustments these models work fine with the Deluxe version.