Due to the detailed 3D-graphics and the time consuming physics simulation it is highly recommended that your computer system matches the following minimum computer specifications to achieve a smooth simulation speed. Please also read our special section about graphics cards right here. Using the right combination of CPU and 3D-graphics card is important.

Microsoft Windows computer minimum system requirements

  • 100% Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon64 compatible CPU with at least 1.5 Ghz
  • 512 MB for Windows 2000/XP, 1GB for Windows Vista or Windows 7
  • 5 GB free hard disc memory
  • DVD-ROM drive
  • OpenGL Version 2.0 compatible 3D-graphics card with 128MB (also read here)
  • 100% DirectX compatible sound card
  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
  • A free USB port and a trainer output on your transmitter

Microsoft Windows computer recommended system requirements

  • Intel Pentium 4 with 2.0 Ghz or
    Intel Core 2 Duo with 1.8 Ghz or
    AMD Athlon64 / AMD Athlon X2 with 1.8 Ghz
  • 1 GB RAM
  • OpenGL Version 2.0 compatible 3D-graphics card with 256 MB
  • For optimum sound quality we recommend a high quality standalone PCI soundcard, e.g. Creative Audigy.

Apple MAC OS X computer system requirements

  • Intel based Mac computer (e.g. iMac or MacBook Pro)
  • 1 GB RAM
  • ATI/AMD or NVIDIA based 3D-graphics card with at least 128 MB
  • Mac OS X 10.5 / 10.6

Supported transmitters

The following radios are compatible with the AeroFly Professional Deluxe USB interface. Unless otherwise noted all of the ollowing radios except some JR and Futaba radios work with the included adapters:

  • Graupner (FM-314, FM-414, MC10, MC12, MC14, MC15, MC16/20, MC18, MC19, MC22, MC24)
  • Futaba (F14, FC16, FC18, FC28)
  • Multiplex (Royal Evo-7/9/12, Profi MC 3000/4000, Cockpit MM, 2020, 3030, 4040)
  • Lexors Nova 4 and Nova 6
  • Sanwa
  • Robbe

The following radios require a separate adapter:

  • JR radios X-347, X-387, X-388, X-756, X-3810, 652, 8103, 6102/2610, 9X/9303, 10X and Graupner MX12, MX16 and MX22: These radios require a special 3.5mm mono adapter. This adapter is available direct from  IKARUS (order number 31036) and its dealer network.
  • Futaba radios 4YF, 6EX, 7C/FF7, 9C/FF9, 14MZ:  The required square adapter is available direct from IKARUS (order number 31036) and its dealer network.
  • Futaba FX-15 and FX-18:  These radios require a 2.5mm mono adapter available direct from Robbe (Robbe order number 1-8383 (FX))

Please note: The IKARUS adapter 31036 works for the Futaba radios with square connector as well as for all Graupner/JR radios with a 3.5mm mono connector. Click on the image to the right for a bigger picture.

Please note, that the adapter for the Futaba FX-15 and FX-18 (2.5 mm Mono Adapter) is available only direct from Robbe.
Robbe order number: 1-8383 (FX)


For Graupner/JR and Futaba radios

For Futaba FX-15 and FX-18

Notes about using the right 3D-graphics card

Using the right combination of CPU and 3D-graphics card is the key to a perfect system. Using a NVIDIA GeForce MX 400 with a very fast Pentium 4 or AMD64 is as useless as using a NVIDIA GeForce 7800 or ATI Radeon X-800 with a 1 Ghz CPU. Please also note that the amount of RAM on the 3D-graphics card does not reflect the performance of the card. The following is a short list of good 3D-graphics cards for use with AeroFly. Here is also a good CPU and 3D-graphics card combination that gives very good performance with AeroFly:

  • CPU: AMD Athlon64 3500+ or Intel Core 2 Duo E4300
  • 3D-graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GT or AMD/ATI Radeon HD2600XT

Recommended 3D-graphics cards

  • * Nvidia GeForce Go 6800
  • Nvidia GeForce Go 7600 / 7900 ( for Laptops )
  • * Nvidia GeForce FX series (5700, 5900)
  • * Nvidia GeForce 6 series (6600, 6800, etc.)
  • Nvidia GeForce 7 series (7600, 7800, 79x0)
  • Nvidia GeForce 8 series (8600, 8800, etc.)
  • NVIDIA GeForce 2xx series ( GTX 280, 260, etc.)
  • ATI Radeon X-series (X800, X850,  X1300, X1600, X1800, X1950)
  • * ATI Mobility Radeon X series (Only the X 1350 and faster ATI/AMD 3D chips are fast enough for AddOn 3/4)

* Note: these cards are too slow for the new AddOn 3 (True Scale) and AddOn 4 (Team Edition 1).

The following cards are NOT recommended for use with AeroFly Professional

  • Non ATI oder NVIDIA based 3D-graphics controller
  • All motherboard integrated 3D-graphics controller
  • Any Intel or AMD integrated 3D-graphics controller
  • Nvidia TNT and TNT 64 series
  • Nvidia GeForce2 MX series
  • All Matrox cards (the current line of Matrox cards is not compatible with AeroFly. There seems to be a driver bug that prevents AeroFly from working)
  • Nvidia GeForce 3 and GeForce 4. You can adjust the graphics settings so that these card do work, but speed is not overwhelming.
  • ATI Mobility Radeon 9xxx series: ATI no longer provides driver support for these 3D-cards so no OpenGL 2.0 is available.
  • ATI XPert / ATI All In Wonder / ATI Rage (this accounts only for the old 7xxx series. The 9xxx series is highly recommended!)
  • S3-Pro Savage