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FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

AeroFly Professional Deluxe and Windows VISTA
Click here to download a PDF document that outlines on what has to be done to get AeroFly working under Windows VISTA. The document includes english, german and french instructions, just browse through the document for your prefered language.
Besides the guidelines mentioned in the above document, there still exist a lot of problem with Windows VISTA and driver support. So if you encounter graphic problems with AeroFly Professional under Windows VISTA, its most likely a driver problem. Check if a newer driver is available from your 3d card manufacturer.

AeroFly no longer works starting with Version 1.11.x.x
From Version 1.11.x.x on, AeroFly uses a special Anti-Aliasing technique to improve the visual quality. This technique requires at least OpenGL 2.0 or higher. All newer NVIDIA drivers only support this if you have set your desktop color depth to 32 Bit. If your color depth is set to 16 Bit AeroFly will not work.

Does AeroFly Professional Deluxe work with Windows 2000 or XP ?
Yes it does. However Windows XP and 2000 are not being shipped with OpenGL hardware accelerated 3D-graphics drivers. Before running AeroFly, install a driver with OpenGL support.
For 3D-graphics cards with NVIDIA processors visit the NVIDIA website
For 3D-graphics cards with ATI processors visit the ATI website

AeroFly Professional Deluxe Version crashes during program start.
A possible reason for a program crash during initialization could be the music playback. This problem can occur on systems with old sound drivers especially when using onboard sound cards. A fix is to deactivate the music playback by default. Go to the download section to get a current patch, that will turn off music playback by default.
You can try to fix this problem by either installing newer sound drivers or by reducing the hardware acceleration of your sound card.

My JR radio doesn’t work. The USB Interface-Cable is found but I do not get any signal from the radio.
Be aware that JR radios fitted with a DSC connection use a Mono type connector instead of the default Stereo connector of the AeroFly cable. You need to purchase one of the adapters from IKARUS. Check the requirements page for details. When using the DSC connector do not turn on your radio. Once the cable is plugged in the radio will automatically turn on.

My Multiplex MPX3030 (or similar) doesn’t work, the channels are flickering wildly.
Multiplex radios, like the MPX3030, use different pulse lengths for their trainer output. To correct this problem, download the latest patch in the download section. After installation of this patch, you have to recalibrate your radio again.

AeroFly runs extremly slow, what can I do ?
It is mandatory that your computer meets the minimum system requirements. If your computer does meet these requirements  and still doesn’t perform well (Frames per Second lower than 5), you probably don’t have an 3D accelerated OpenGL driver installed on your system. Please visit the website of your 3D-graphics card manufacturer and download a newer driver.
For 3D-graphics cards with NVIDIA processors visit the NVIDIA website
For 3D-graphics cards with ATI processors visit the ATI website

My Slave Interface-Cable or Slave GameCommander don’t work.
Keep in mind that the Patch V1.8.0.23 is mandatory for the USB Slave Cable/GameCommander to work. Here is the Set-Up Procedure:

  1. Make sure you have the Patch Version installed from our download section. When starting Aerofly Professional Deluxe (AFPD) check for this version in the upper left corner of the main menu screen (The screen with the rotating model in the middle).
  2. Start AFPD with only the original USB Interface-Cable or USB GameCommander connected. If the USB Interface-Cable is connected without a transmitter you will get a message saying that no TX was detected — Click O.K.
  3. Connect the USB Slave GameCommander to a free USB port, wait a few seconds and then click on “Calibrate”.
  4. In the “Input Device” window click on “Refresh”. You will then see “USB Dummy GC #0” — highlight this and click on “Properties”.
  5. Calibrate as you would with any controller (see manual).
  6. Click on “Controls”. At the bottom of the window click on “New”.
  7. On the left lower section of the window click on the circle displayed at the “USB Interface/Game Commander #2”.
  8. Proceed with the “Channel Assignment” — Click O.K. when finished.
  9. At the “Aircraft Control Settings” window you will see “New USB/Interface/GC #2” — Assign to Aircraft 1 or 2 and click O.K.
  10. You are now ready to fly.

Does AeroFly Professional work on laptops ?
Yes it does, on some laptops. So far we can only recommend laptops for AeroFly with a full 3D-graphics chip. Laptops with a NVIDIA GeForce2Go or ATI Mobility Radeon will work fine. The CPU speeds of these laptops should be over 1.3 Ghz.

The program freezes or suddenly stops without an error message.
If you experience occasional program freezes without an error message then in 95% of the time it is a problem with the video card drivers. Update your drivers and see if the problem goes away. It can also be an overheating problem in the computer or card incompatibilities. Ensure your computer is properly vented. The problem may also be sound card drivers. Update your drivers and see if the problem goes away.

The screen suddenly becomes black and nothing happens until I move the mouse or press a key
In most cases this is your screensaver that is becoming active. We recommend to disable your screensaver while running AeroFly. Another possible reason might be your power management. Check your power management settings in the BIOS as well as under Windows and see if you have a monitor standby function enabled.

How do I get out of Advanced mode?
Switching back from Advanced to Easy Setup is not possible. Go to the Control window and create a new transmitter.

How Do I delete edited aircraft from the aircraft selection window?
Removing an aircraft from AeroFly has to be done manually using the Windows Explorer. Open the Windows Explorer and enter the AeroFly directory, by default this directory is located at
     C:\Program Files\IPACS\AeroFly Professional Deluxe\
Enter the aircraft directory of AeroFly and look for the model you want to delete. Delete the whole folder with that aircraft name. Make sure you do NOT remove any stock aircraft from this directory.

 When using my transmitter as controller am I running down the transmitter battery too much?
 If the RF transmission of the transmitter is disabled (either automatically by plugging in the adapter, or by removing the crystal/RF module, or by software control), the radio will only consume very little current (typically less than 80-90mA compared to 250-300mA during transmission).

Can I use the controller from my RealFlight simulator with AeroFly Professional Deluxe?
Yes, as long as you as configure the controller as a "joystick" in the controls menu and have your original AeroFly Professional Deluxe USB interface cable with TX or USB Game Commander set up as primary unit.


Contact Us

Before contacting us please make sure you have the following information ready:

  • Details about your computer system: CPU, 3D-graphics card, Windows Version, Soundcard available RAM, etc...
  • AeroFly Pro Deluxe Version number (located at the top right corner of the main-menu screen)
  • If emailing of faxing us, attach the file called TM.LOG to it. This file is located in the AeroFly Pro Deluxe directory, by default it is
         C:\Program Files\IPACS\AeroFly Professional Deluxe\


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